The Higher Education sector in the country has of late been in news for quite contrary reasons. The performance of universities in the country is by and large so dismal that not a single university finds its place in the top 200 universities of the world. On the other hand the Government of India has come up with an ambitious scheme in the form of RUSA wherein Access, Equity and Excellence have been emphasized so far as higher education in the country is concerned. In the State of J & K, the higher education sector has expanded over the last decade to the extent that colleges and university campuses have come up in the nook and corner of the state. Where it has made higher education accessible to all sections of the society but this has been at the cost of quality of education offered.Though new and market friendly courses are offered in many institutions of higher learning now, yet the supply of skilled manpower is not as per demand in the society. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

North campus, University of Kashmir, at present, offers four programmes of study, all of which are market friendly and have lot of potential in the job market of the country. We are in the process of offering more such courses as have a large job potential and are not offered elsewhere in the valley at least. For this purpose the campus needs infrastructural development at a fast pace and it is heartening to note that the decision makers are live to this issue. The biggest asset of the campus is its dedicated and learned faculty and ever enthusiastic students. We are contemplating a shift in the teaching- learning process from the next session and are also initiating healthy practices from the next academic session. Our aim is to develop all the faculties in our scholars and make them proud citizens of the state. Sports activities, debates, seminars, guest lectures, workshops have to be a hallmark of the campus that will enhance self confidence and self esteem among our students.

The campus aims to provide accommodation to all desirous students as also the faculty and preparations are afoot in this direction with the commissioning of two hostels- for boys and girls each at the Delina ghat site of the campus. National service scheme is expected to get a boost from the next session and village adoption is on cards. Outreach programmes shall be initiated especially by the Management department to take the fruits of knowledge to general populace. It is hoped that with the cooperation of all stake holders, North campus of Kashmir University will eventually become a center of excellence in some core areas of studies and students from far flung areas shall feel proud to be a part of this institution of higher learning.