E-governance means the application of Information and Communication Technology to transform the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of exchange of information and transaction. The object of E-Governance is to provide a SMARRT governance. The Acronym SMARRT refers to Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive, Responsible and Transparent Government.

S - The use of ICT brings simplicity in governance through electronic documentation, online submission, online service delivery, etc.
M - It brings Morality to governance as immoralities like bribing, red-tapism, etc. are eliminated.
A - It makes the Government accountable as all the data and information of Government is available online for consideration of every citizen, the NGOs and the media.
R - Due to reduced paperwork and increased communication speeds and decreased communication time, the Government agencies become responsive.
R - Technology can help convert an irresponsible Government Responsible. Increased access to information makes more informed citizens. And these empowered citizens make a responsible Government.
T - With increased morality, online availability of information and reduced red-tapism the process of governance becomes transparent leaving no room for the Government to conceal any information from the citizens.

These objects of E-Governance are achievable with the use of ICT and therefore the concept is very alluring and desirable. To facilitate e-governance and capitalize the benefits associated with the Communications and Information Technology, IT team was set up in North campus, University of Kashmir in 2015. At present, the team consists of Programmer, Assistant Programmer and a Junior Technical Assistant. Click here to visit the webpage of IT Section.