• Dr. Wasim Ahmad Bhat Assistant Professor

    • wab.cs@uok.edu.in

In my Ph.D. thesis, I argue that even though file systems have been evolving since their inception, the way they have been progressing has unknowingly led to other problems. These include objective specific disk file systems, incompatible variants of same basic design, reluctance on part of a file system to adapt to new features, and so on. The goal of this work was to enhance file systems to overcome and mitigate the challenges put forth by current hardware technology trends and user requirements in such a way that the effort could be applied to all file systems (or atleast a class of file systems) so as to avoid the problems inherent in existing evolution.  It investigated various existing approaches and new concepts to achieve this goal. These included exploiting virtual unification to virtualise large file sizes, employing SSDs in tandem with HDDs for performance, and analysing block level behaviour for reliable and efficient transparent-per-file secure-data deletion.

My current research has further extended this idea by taking into consideration the problems posed by Big Data and Digital Forensics to storage sub-systems in general, and file systems in specific. I have published my work in many internationally reputed journals which include journals published by IEEE, Elsevier, Emerald, Taylor & Francis, and Springer. These journals are indexed by Thomson Reuters and have bagged me a cumulative Impact Factor of 20.922, with an Impact Factor of 5.768 for one of the papers (Please see Publications section of my CV). My work has also been published in internationally reputed conferences held in Berlin, California, Slovakia and India. The proceedings of these conferences were published by ACM, IEEE and Springer. I have also served as peer-reviewer for many internationally reputed journals like IEEE Transactions on Big Data, Industrial Management & Data Systems, Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective, Journal of Systems and Information Technology, Information Technology and People, Data Technologies and Applications, Library Hi-Tech, Journal of Systems and Information Technology, Security & Privacy, and many more.

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Research Papers Published

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Books Published

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