Need for Landscaping

Landscaping is an important aspect of campus design.The beauty of the campus is reflected by the mesmerizing landscape it has and lush green trees that have been grown. The campus landscape, like its buildings, can be seen as the physical embodiment of a Universities’s values. It is a vital part of the life of a campus, providing space for study, play, outdoor events, aesthetic appreciation, and even food production, while serving as a “living lab” for research on sustainable landscapes and delivering valuable ecosystem services. The campus landscape is also often seen as a factor in student recruitment. The outdoor spaces and an “attractive campus” are an important criteria in student decisions to attend or stay at an institution.Because campus landscapes are so visible and accessible, landscape initiatives are a great way to build awareness and promote learning among the entire campus community as well as the surrounding community. Both can benefit from sustainable landscape initiatives.


  • To provide cool and shady place during summer and open and sunny situation during winter for students, university staff and visitors for taking rest after tiring jobs.
  • To plant ornamental plants in such a way that it creates a picturesque effect within the University Campus.
  • To decorate a tract of land with plants and other garden materials so as to produce a picturesque and naturalistic effect in a limited space of the newly established University Campus.
  • To apply garden forms, methods and materials for the beautification of a tract of land having building or other object of interest on it.
  • To create a natural scene within the Campus by planting of lawn, trees and shrubs.
  • To apply both art and science for the establishment of a ground in such a way that it will improve total living environment for the students, university staff and visitors.
  • To apply knowledge of ornamental gardening, ecology and physiology for making a garden or to tame an area this will look a bold picture and not a collection of interesting objects.
  • To make imaginary paradise within the University Campus in the form of gardens.


My rich heritage teaches me to use flowers and fragrant trees to improve the surroundings.